Doing laundry over the weekend, my thoughts drifted to the long gone days of minute pink and blue babygrows, cute socks and soft, cuddly baby blankets. How the time has flown. Naturally, I wandered to a different set of reminiscences entirely, of my late mother and the memories of her imprinted on my heart.

What I treasure most are the memories branching from the moments of Mom going about her maternal duties: caring for me when I was sick, cooking, laundry, running mundane errands, bed time. It was in those simple moments that she taught me how to be a mom. If I could have 5 minutes with her now, I would tell her how thankful I am for that, because those were the moments in time that so faultlessly and unexpectedly prepared me to be a mother myself.

Being a mother is the essence of our femininity, and I strongly reject the idea that you can only fulfil the role of a mother if you have children of your own. I only have to look at how my 9 year old daughter takes care of her younger brothers, and smaller children, to consider that we can be spiritual mothers as well. Our task both as biological and spiritual mothers is to love and care for those that are weak, unhappy, helpless, lost and unloved.

Motherhood can be a battlefield. It is messy, dirty and chaotic, sometimes flat-out hard and heart-breaking, but it is also fulfilling and beautiful, and those small moments are the ones that end up being the ones we treasure the most.

This Mother’s day, by all means overwhelm your mom with lovely gifts, making sure they are meaningful, because it is only a substitute for the more valuable gifts of time and remembrance.

Wishing all the ladies, young and old, with or without children a blessed and cheerful Mother’s Day!