We’re at the very beginning of a 3-week lockdown, and many of you are worried about staying fit and healthy – with good reason. It’s not easy to keep going by yourself doing yoga poses, lifting weights, hitting the treadmill and doing circuits.

If you’re feeling downhearted during the lockdown, exercise might be just what you need to improve your mood. It’s a known fact that training can help lift your spirits by releasing serotonin and endorphins. Read my previous article here.

I’m sharing with you a few real-world tips to help you stay on track and keep you motivated.

  1. Create a dedicated space where you can exercise, be it the garage, the lounge, the patio, or the lawn. Having your own home gym with all your equipment in one space can make exercise seem less like a chore. Plus, you won’t have any obstacles in your way when the mood does strike.
  2. Focus on setting time aside to do your workout. It will be easy to be drawn into a routine of doing next to nothing while at home for such a long time. Set an alarm if you must. Don’t worry about how you will get through the workout, just put your trainers on and start moving!
  3. Look at your calendar for the day. Instead of deciding bright and early that you’re not in the mood for exercise, get on with your chores and reassess later how you feel about training. Some days, we’re really not excited about a workout. That’s okay. If you skip a session here and there, it’s no big deal. Just don’t make it a habit and skip all your workouts indefinitely!
  4. Create a reward system. If you need some motivation to train at home, reward yourself for each workout you do. Watch an episode on Netflix or run a hot, bubbly bath. These rewards will create a positive association with your workout routine. Sadly, rewards don’t include a whole slab of chocolate and an entire bottle of wine.
  5. Out of time? Break your workout up in chunks of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, whatever you fancy. Any exercise is better than none at all.
  6. Get the family involved. Those that live in your home, keeping your distance of course, and those you can video call. Do the workouts together. You’ll be glad to have a partner to push you and compete with slightly.
  7. Wear workout clothes. Enclothed cognition suggests that certain clothes can impact your performance positively. So put on some rockin’ workout gear and get going.
  8. Just as it is with clothes, exercising with the right tunes is a necessity – it will greatly enhance your workout. Put on your earphones and pump up the volume.
  9. Last but not least, get some fresh air. Train outside, run the stairs, lunge up the hill and take the pooch for a walk. Outdoor workouts can help you to greatly reduce stress and may feel less strenuous.

All the best for the next three weeks. We have a lot to get through, and even though I’m not by your side, I’m with you in spirit! Stay fit and healthy!