If you’ve never seen even a ripple of muscle on your belly, and threw some envious glances at shredded gym-goers’ abs, this 1 month challenge is for you!

Follow this simple workout plan for 30 days – it is suitable for men and women – where you complete a number of exercises daily. There are rest days to make sure you get proper recovery time. The intensity of the exercises increase slowly, and by the end of the month, you will be grateful that you started this journey.

Remember to take progress pictures weekly!

Now, there are rules, as with any workout plan you intend to follow. Remember that saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”? If you don’t follow a balanced meal plan, you can crunch away for ages and not get anywhere closer to that 6-pack.

It is simple, to lose the fat layer around your belly, get some cardio in, eat healthy and stick to the program.

Make the following changes to your eating habits if you are not already on a ‘diet’:

Drink at least 2.5 litres of water each day.

Avoid processed and refined foods. Opt for whole foods.
Give up all sodas, fast food and junk food.

Eat plenty of vegetables, avoiding too much starchy carbs like potatoes, corn and so forth. Green leafy veggies are always a great option.

Toss the sugar. All of it. No cake. No sweeteners.

Use protein as the basis for your meals – chicken, egg whites, fish and other lean meat.

Allow yourself a cheat meal every week to two weeks. One cheat meal. Not a cheat day!

Eat 5 small meals a day – about every two to three hours.
The workout

Simply complete the number of repetitions for each exercise every day, and adhere to rest days.

This plan gets quite challenging toward the end. Keep persevering and you will see results.

Simply complete the number of exercises each day, and take rest days as tabled below.


Your fab abs await you!

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