Yoga practitioners have been touting yoga’s powers, both mental and physical, for thousands of years. So, is yoga the panacea that so many believe it to be? Though it certainly can’t cure all ailments, it does offer significant benefits.

You don’t have to be an expert to reap the rewards. Just by adding a few poses to your daily routine, you can help your health in all kinds of unanticipated ways.
Physically, yoga improves flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. On an energy level, it teaches you how to cope better with stress by cultivating a sense of ease in both passive and active poses.
Psychologically, yoga creates mindfulness by shifting your awareness to the thoughts, sensations, and emotions that come with a pose.
Yoga has been found to improve quality of life, reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and back pain. It has also been found to lower heart rate and blood pressure.

One of the primary purposes of a yoga session is relaxation. Your heart rate and your blood pressure should be lower when you finish a class, and you should never be short of breath.
Whatever kind of yoga relaxes you and doesn’t feel like exercise is a good choice. What really matters is, are you in your body or are you going into a state of mindfulness? You want to be in the pose and aware of your breaths.
As you read on about all the ways yoga improves your health, you will notice a lot of overlap. Everything is intensely interwoven! Change your posture and you change the way you breathe. Change your breathing and you change your nervous system. This is one of the great lessons of yoga; everything is connected – your hipbone to your anklebone, you to your loved ones, your loved ones to the world.

Apart from the points mentioned above, you may also reap the following benefits from practising yoga on a regular basis, as it:
Builds muscle strength / Perfects your posture / Increases your blood flow / Founds a healthy lifestyle / Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown / Supports your connective tissue / Protects your spine / Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity / Prevents IBS and other digestive problems / Gives you peace of mind / Betters your bone health / Lowers blood sugar / Regulates your adrenal glands / Helps you focus / Maintains your nervous system / Releases tension in your limbs / Helps you sleep deeper / Gives you inner strength