We don’t always comprehend that fuel consumption is directly related to car care and that it has a major impact on how much petrol we use. If you’re frustrated and stressed out about high petrol prices like the rest of us, putting a few simple, low-cost car maintenance measures in place can stretch your moola at the pump and also go some way toward protecting the environment.

Petrol prices can climb swiftly, but there’s good news: you can fight back. By appropriately maintaining your vehicle, you can improve fuel economy while saving money.

Carry out these simple maintenance tasks to improve fuel efficiency:

Tune-Up: Go for scheduled tune-ups to improve overall fuel consumption.
Oil: Use motor oil recommended by your car manufacturer to improve mileage by up to 2%.
Air Filters: By replacing congested air filters on older cars, you can improve fuel consumption and better the performance and acceleration on all vehicles.
Fix It: Addressing serious maintenance problems, like faulty oxygen sensors, can better mileage by as much as 40%.
Tyre Pressure: Keep tyres inflated as per manufacturer recommendations and improve mileage by up to 3.3%. Be diligent about keeping your car tyres serviced and maintained, and do the odd check for uneven wear or other irregularities.
Petrol Cap: Damaged, loose or missing petrol caps allow fuel to vaporise into the air. Ensure caps are tightly closed.
Break the habit: Modifying driving habits, such as observing the speed limit and avoiding quick stops and starts can also increase fuel efficiency. Consolidate trips and avoid excessive idling to lower fuel consumption.
Regular maintenance is the best cost saving advice though. Regular car servicing helps to ease wear and tear by highlighting faults before they cause major damage, as well as improving fuel efficiency to maximise savings.

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And we thought we’d provide a bit of comic relief after discussing such a depressing subject!

Woman pouring money from fuel container into car fuel tank, side view

Happy driving!