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Make healthy choices using the food pyramid

  The Food Pyramid was created to educate us about what kind and how much food we should eat every day. In our day, food is much more widely available, and with greater variety. Additionally, unhealthy junk foods that didn’t exist 100 years ago, are found around every corner in our days. Diseases that affect the majority of the population like heart disease, type II diabetes and obesity have roots in eating too much, especially too much of the wrong foods. Junk in the trunk Studies show that over consumption of sugar, certain kinds of saturated fats and simple...

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Preventing Weight Gain – ‘The How To’

If you’re presently at a healthy weight, you’re one step ahead, and to stay at a healthy weight, it’s worth doing some planning now. As we age, our body composition gradually changes — muscle mass drops off and the fat stores may increase. These changes may slow our metabolism, making it easier to gain weight. Also, some people become more sedentary as they get older, increasing the risk of weight gain. Weight gain can be prevented by living a lifestyle that includes healthy habits and daily physical activity. By avoiding weight gain, you avoid risks of chronic diseases, such...

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Fitness is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the ride.

When we think of destinations, we have a picture in mind of a place to arrive at, then stop. Fitness is not that – it is an ongoing process. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that we can achieve a certain number on a scale, or a certain size and be done. The trouble is that it’s never enough. There is always something we can do to improve our personal bests, gain an extra kilo or two of muscle, or lose another centimeter around the waist. The list is endless. Even elite athletes are always working...

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