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The Skinny on Ballet

  In our family we LOVE eating. We are by no means obese, but if we can pick between an apple and a plate of pasta, we will go with pasta every time. For a couple of years now we have been dancing around the most annoying subject in my house – ballet bodies.  As the mother of a 13 year old, you can image the internal turmoil?! What do you say, what don’t you say, how do you approach the subject without scarring your daughter for life and causing irreparable damage to her already fragile tweenage mind? Our...

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Afrikamasutra – Kama Sutra Translated Into Afrikaans

It sounds ridiculous, and from where I’m sitting, I’m immediately also thinking about things we whisper in the dark and I can’t imagine saying it in Afrikaans, atleast,  not without laughing. Go on, try it… think of something raunchy and then say it in Afrikaans. That’s what I thought! A writer and three artists will be translating the Kama Sutra into Afrikaans. Ilse Groenewald is translating the text from English. The artists, Hardus Koekemoer, Diek Grobler and Marna Schoeman are drawing sketches that – just like in the ancient editions – illustrate the different sexual techniques described. The Kama...

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Why is your website failing you?

Websites are critical in today’s world and is the meeting point between small businesses and their customers. Maintaining and optimizing your site is very important when it comes to adding new customers to your list, building your credibility and nurturing your relationship with your existing customers. There are 8 main reasons why your website is not selling your business properly. So, Why IS your website failing you? No call to action: 93% of businesses do not display contact email addresses and 49% of these small business websites lack contact numbers / info on their home pages. Poor design: By taking your web design into your own hands you run the risk  of having a poorly designed website. 41% of business owners who plan to improve their websites say design is the top choice of action. Time consuming updates: When you update your site yourself you run the risk of wasting time you could be using to cultivate business. 64% of business owners find the time necessary to update their own website a major challenge. 25% say that the cost is a huge hurdle. No metrics:Without metrics, businesses are unable to track their progress, their reach or their customers’ habits and needs. 75% do not use analytics and 60% feel they do not have the tools needed to make sense of their analytics or take action to resolve issues. Poor...

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